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Software Development

The secret to running a profitable, quickly expanding organization is using faster, better business procedures. You can automate many operations with the correct technologies, giving your company the competitive advantage it needs.

You can rely on our software development services if you wish to make one or more aspects of your organization more simpler than they are now. In addition to a variety of ERP solutions, we have developed customized versions of clinical management software, customer relationship management software, and other products. At Cloud Apps, we create software with the efficient management of business processes as our primary focus. And that is how we gained the respect of companies from India, the UAE, and other countries.

We at safecare are experts at bringing outdated systems online. Don't let your company's potential or growth be constrained by outdated software. Scaling is a significant issue with legacy, outdated systems. Additionally, updating to new software versions and adding new features to current software are challenging tasks. Updating the software is possible after you switch to hosted solutions.
and distribute the updates to as many computers as required from a single host server. If you now use a desktop solution, we can migrate it to the cloud so that you can scale up 10, 100, or 1,000 times as needed for your organization. This hosted solution will streamline your operations. Learn about the newest and most effective. Increase its size, incorporate new features, and adapt to changing company needs. Make all of these decisions quickly and effectively with hosted solutions. Without being constrained by a legacy program, your company can expand from 10 to 100, then 100 to 1000, personnel.

We employ the most effective project management approaches to properly and swiftly record customer requirements. We create software solutions based on particular needs, and we can provide small, medium, and large organizations with solutions.

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Features of this application:

  • It helps pharmacies to generate the Eclaim XML for claim of medicines for the Existing patients in the pharmacy.
  • It helps to generate the XML for claim of medicines for the new patients in the pharmacy.
  • The data for the new and existing patient will be saved in the pharmacy database for future reference
  • Application have masters for entering the approved drug list from ministry of health, Clinician licenses and insurance.
  • Modified Encounter Page to list out claim as per Claim Status like Not Submitted/Submitted/Rejected/Resubmitted
  • Option to submit claim in TEST/PRODUCTION mode to for testing . Once submitted as PRODUCTION can’t submit again till get a response from the provider.
  • Option for Submitting Claims will be available for Combination search via Insurance/Group, From&To Date and Status with NOT SUBMITTED.
  • Option for Re Submit Claims will be available for Combination search via Insurance/Group, From & To Date and Status with REJECTED.
  • Auto Search option with Member ID in Patient Registration Page
  • Option to change Insurance/Group/Plan under the same Member ID.
  • Give proper title to text boxes used to saving activity.
  • Change color to readable color in table contents of diagnosis, activity & claims.