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What is ADHICS

ADHICS stands for Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard, established by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH), the primary regulatory body for healthcare in Abu Dhabi. On February 3, 2019, the DoH released the ADHICS Standards with the aim of safeguarding the confidentiality and security of health information. The ADHICS Standard seeks to elevate healthcare cybersecurity in the UAE to international standards, aligning with best practices in healthcare cyber security and privacy. Additionally, ADHICS assists the healthcare sector in achieving compliance with the UAE Information Assurance Standards.

Safecare, a prominent provider of Risk & Compliance services in the UAE, specializes in assisting companies in attaining ADHICS Compliance through comprehensive ADHICS Audits. With a demonstrated track record, we have successfully guided numerous healthcare sector companies to achieve compliance with ADHICS standards. Our team of experts provides personalized support to ensure your successful attainment of ADHICS Compliance in the UAE. Uphold healthcare compliance by aligning with ADHICS standards and policies.

Our ADHICS Consultancy Services

ADHICS GAP Assessment

As part of the ADHICS Audit, Safecare Analysts conduct Gap Assessments to appraise the existing state, employing the ADHICS standard for evaluation.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our team identifies and evaluates all risks associated with healthcare data security and privacy utilizing the ADHICS framework.

Risk Treatment Plan

Create a plan for Risk Treatment to address and mitigate gaps and risks, bringing them to acceptable levels.

ADHICS Policies &

Sets the privacy and security policies & procedures for you to achieve ADHICS Compliance.

Security Testing

Perform continuous security assessments and penetration testing helping you maintain compliance with the ADHICS Standard..

Security Awareness

Provides Security Awareness Training for all employees so that your weakest link in security is not people.

Technology Implementations

Deliver advisory on remediation of technology gaps and implementation of technical controls.

ADHICS Implementation

Conduct periodical ADHICS Implementation progress reviews to evaluate the compliance levels and remediate any deviations.

ADHICS Internal Audits

Internal Audits help you identify deviations from the defined ISMS policies and procedures and make course corrections.