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Medical Insurance Coding

Medical insurance coding is the process of coding a patient's diagnosis and making requests to the patient's insurance provider for adequate payments. Medical professionals that specialize in medical insurance coding are in responsible of processing patient data, including medical records and insurance information.

The medical office collaborates with the patient and his or her insurance company for claims when a patient undergoes a certain medical examination or procedure. In order to collect payment for the services that the healthcare practitioner provided, claims are submitted and then followed up on. Learning specific codes that stand in for symptoms, treatments, and diagnoses is a necessary step in this process. The effective processing of a claim requires extensive understanding of these codes. This is specifically the responsibility of a medical insurance coder.

Currently, there is a critical scarcity of highly qualified medical coders who can complete these responsibilities flawlessly. For doing these activities, many healthcare facilities, including hospitals, rely on part-time employees or other staff members. This frequently leads to subpar performances and higher prices. At Safecare, we have a team of highly trained, qualified medical insurance coders that are capable of handling projects of any size and scale.

Safecare offers remote coding services for several hospitals with locations in the United Arab Emirates and has experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings for the majority of specialties. Any of your criteria can be precisely addressed by us, whether they pertain to the requirements of a single chart type or the total volume of a hospital.

Features of this application:

  • It helps pharmacies to generate the Eclaim XML for claim of medicines for the Existing patients in the pharmacy.
  • It helps to generate the XML for claim of medicines for the new patients in the pharmacy.
  • The data for the new and existing patient will be saved in the pharmacy database for future reference
  • Application have masters for entering the approved drug list from ministry of health, Clinician licenses and insurance.
  • Modified Encounter Page to list out claim as per Claim Status like Not Submitted/Submitted/Rejected/Resubmitted
  • Option to submit claim in TEST/PRODUCTION mode to for testing . Once submitted as PRODUCTION can’t submit again till get a response from the provider.
  • Option for Submitting Claims will be available for Combination search via Insurance/Group, From&To Date and Status with NOT SUBMITTED.
  • Option for Re Submit Claims will be available for Combination search via Insurance/Group, From & To Date and Status with REJECTED.
  • Auto Search option with Member ID in Patient Registration Page
  • Option to change Insurance/Group/Plan under the same Member ID.
  • Give proper title to text boxes used to saving activity.
  • Change color to readable color in table contents of diagnosis, activity & claims.