We offer a range of user-friendly custom software development packages which would help you to run your business efficiently. With automation of routine processes and prompt tracking and management of various functions, can save time, avoid redundancies and avert unwanted expenses and overhead. In close collaboration with you and taking in to consideration your requirements, our software engineers work on developing a robust software suite that would address your business requirements like payroll, finances, employees and customers. We specialize in cloud apps or hosted solutions and this helps your business to get updated to new system, even if it holds hundreds of computers in different locations.

Another much-in-demand area in which we have specialized is medical insurance coding. This includes a variety of administrative health information functions, like organizing, analyzing, and technically evaluating health insurance claim forms and coding diseases, surgeries, medical procedures and other therapies for billing and collection.

Software Development

If you want to make one or more areas of your business a lot more easier than it is today, you can trust our software development services. We have created customized solutions like Hospital Management System, Customer Relationship Management Software, and a host of ERP solutions. At Safecare we code the software…

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Mobile Applications

We develop and integrate mobile apps that will put you ahead of your competitors, allowing you to contact to hundreds or thousands of customers every day. We deliver fast and affordable mobile app creation services – taking your products and services to millions of potential customers. Keep your customers up to date about the …

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Medical Insurance Coding

Medical insurance coding refers to the task of coding a patient’s diagnosis along with requests for sufficient payments from the patient’s insurance company. The practitioners of medical insurance coding are healthcare professionals by themselves and are in charge of processing…

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