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Safecare Technology provide a wide range of quality health care software solutions with industrial standards.The product that we offer comes to life under the Research, guidance and hard work of these experts who have honed their skills from various leading companies across the globe. Regardless of any types of health care organization; whether it’s a clinic, medical center ,hospital or a pharmacy, we offering a number of healthcare products which helps to run your organisation in proper and efficient way.The core advantages of our products are we tested,implemented and evolutionized it in our own healthcare entities ,which made us the superior software stakeholder in healthcare sector.


Cortex Hospital management System

One of the most cost-effective and technically perfect hospital management systems in use today, Cortex was fully designed and developed by Safe Care Technologies to cater to the rising needs in the hospital management sector. Brought to life under the able and proficient guidance of a team of experienced…

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Cortex Clinical Management System

Being efficient by its very nature, Cortex Clinical Management System provides a user friendly way of Electronic Medical Records ,Insurance and Eclaim process and other activities in Clinics & Medial Centers, by providing an application that could handle patients information and provide efficient healthcare service. 

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Cortex Pharmacy Management System

Cortex Pharmacy Management System provides the complete pharmacy software solution to fulfill all of your pharmacy’s requirements today and beyond. It is developed to manage the entire transactions done in a pharmacy Sector. Cortex is the most efficient, Customizable and user friendly.

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Cortex Eclaim System

Cortex Eclaim helps the hospitals,Clinics or pharmacies to prepare their e-claims’ submission to the concerned insurance companies and health authorities. This system is a completely automated one and also manages remittance advices and re-submissions. It ensures the automatic…

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Prior Authorization

Cortex Prior Authorization System

Cortex Prior Auth System provides the complete solution to fulfill the requirements related to prior authorization approval from Insurance Companies.This process is made possible with minimum system knowledge and you need not aware of the xml formats and the web services…

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ERP Solution

Cortex Integrated ERP Solution

Cortex Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning is one such flexible ERP solution that endows matchless value for your business. Cortex IERP is an advanced, web-enabled Supply Chain Management and Execution solution that is designed to reduce supply chain costs and inventory, along…

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