IERP – a close look!

We live in an era in which ERP Solutions are gaining strong foothold across the world. In a highly competitive world taken over by Globalisation and stringent price pressures, ERP Systems offer industry-specific and business-specific solutions to meet a range of requirements.

Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning IERP is one such flexible ERP solution that endows matchless value for your business. IERP is an advanced, web-enabled Supply Chain Management and Execution solution that is designed to reduce supply chain costs and inventory, along with augmenting operational efficiencies. It assures significant return on investment (ROI) by increasing supplier visibility, enabling inter-enterprise communication, and providing a high level of systems integration. Just reaching the supply chain isn’t enough. What is more important is taking advantage of the procurement methodology that best fits each commodity.

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IERP gives you total flexibility to control each commodity based on how it is utilized and consumed, including discrete purchase orders, standard forecast, shipping schedules or supplier managed inventory.

The advantages are many, indeed.


  • Full support for off-shore manufacturing including 806/807 when integrated with the “Raw Materials Management” module.
  • Full multiple currency support.
  • Full support for Letters of Credit including amendments and payments with complete LC balance tracking and transaction log.
  • Ability to view key LC information on the screen including the total amount of purchase orders assigned but to be added later and total merchandise in transit about to be received.
  • System prints bank approved LC request form.

Special Features

What are the special features that make IERP different? Here is a list of them:

  • Support for purchase order bids, contracts and return purchase orders.
  • Automatic verification of contract prices.
  • Ability to receive one purchase order in multiple warehouses.
  • Ability to generate purchase orders automatically from sales orders with user control over a percentage over-buy.
  • Ability to allocate one sales order against multiple purchase orders.
  • System tracks estimated, landed and actual costs for every cost category.
  • Full tracking of shipments in transit.
  • Ability to adjust estimated costs prior to every receiving.
  • Ability to receive goods by purchase order or by shipment.
  • Full integration with the “Sales Order Allocation” module to generate picking tickets upon receipt of the goods based on previously allocated orders.
  • Full integration with the job cost accounting system.
  • Full integration with the “Accounts Payable” module for vendor invoice verification against receipts.
  • Support for summary or detailed style costing.

The IERP edge

IERP is designed to be special by its very nature. It has in offer many efficacious features in the Sales module which helps a great deal in enhancing customer service and allowing your sales and credit departments to operate in the most productive way.

Equipped with the advantages of Integrated Contact and Task Management, the Sales module is more than ideal for quick and prompt movement through the sales phase of your business process.



IERP is designed to keep customer order management easier. Thanks to our highly efficient sales module. This amazing module carries out functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. It can be closely integrated with e- commerce websites and provide an organisation with a cutting-edge. IERP provides you the right solutions and enables a highly efficient flow of information.

  • Ability to enter an alternative shipping address for any order.
  • Ability to ship orders to a distribution center.
  • Uniform monitoring system for customer, suppliers, vendors and partners
  • User-defined order entry session defaults for fast entry

Notable features

Apart from the high-utility range of special features, IERP offers the users a lot more. Have a look:

  • Full multiple currency support
  • Support for bulk/distribution orders with automatic conversion and balance checking.
  • Powerful multiple store capability with copy feature from store to store
  • Ability to enter order lines by style/color
  • Support for single or multiple customer P/O
  • Enter coordinate groups to control group allocation and shipping
  • Ability to view booked, open, shipped, production, and bulk order depletion quantities for each order line.
  • Support for sales representative commissions at style level or at order level.
  • Default sales representative by customer, department, or division.
  • Powerful credit approval with full factor support.
  • Approve orders by customer’s credit limit, or individually by order.
  • Support for user-defined decline reason.
  • Ability to view multiple store order lines by style/store/line in detail or in summary.
  • Ability to define unlimited customer departments and their corresponding sales representatives as well as payment terms.


Proposed System


  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Finance Management
  • CRM

Sales Management

  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Return Catalogues

Purchase Management

  • Purchase Request
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Purchase Return
  • Asset Purchase

Warehouse Management

  • Detailed Product Information
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Stores
  • FIFO
  • Multiple Stock Area
  • Grouping and Product Images
  • Lift Tracking
  • Bin Tracking
  • Inventory Analysis Report

Finance Management

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Custom Vouchers
  • Journals
  • Reports
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Capital
  • Revenue
  • Total Expenses


  • Stock Area Wise Reports
  • Item-wise Stock Position Report
  • Inventory Adjustment Report
  • Batch-wise Stock And Position Report
  • Item Summary
  • Aging Process Report
  • Depreciation Details
  • Stock And Sale Summary
  • Sales Quote Report
  • Sales Order Report
  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Returns


Human Resource and Payroll Management

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects related to the management of a company or a business concern. The seamless coordination and flow of HRM channels are imperative to the smooth and efficient running of an organisation. IERP addresses this part too by skillfully combining all human resource functions including administration, leave management, payroll, training, performance analysis and review into one single package.

The HR modules integrated in IERP shape up an inter-section between Human Resource Management and Information Technology. It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes with the Information Technology arena.



  • Leave application submission for employees through Member account and it’s approval by HR

Key Features

  • Employee Registrations
  • Leave Management Processing
  • Employee Training Management (Training Requests management)
  • View Position Description
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Check Lists
  • Attendance Management
  • Pay Roll
  • Member account management for Admin, Employees, HR Department etc
  • Leave Management Module

Segments under Human Resource and Pay Roll Management System

  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Kpi (Key Performance Indicators) Review
  • Pay Slip Checking
  • Request Submission
  • Checklist Management
  • Work Time-sheet



Website Administration Actions

  • Contract signing and probation handling
  • Other processes during employment
  • Performance evaluation
  • Termination process