Cortex – our fully efficient hospital management system

Cortex Clinical Management System provides a user friendly way of EMR ,Eclaim process and other activities in Clinics & Medical Centers, by providing an application that could handle patients information and provide efficient healthcare service.

Why Cortex?

Cortex Clinical Management solution is fully developed with state of the art Technology, The application is developed using with one of the most secure and stable Java Framework Spring MVC. With the advantage of being technically superior, customizable and highly user-friendly, Cortex is developed to meet various activities related to the smooth functioning of Clinical systems.


  • Equipped with a fully compatible pharmacy
  • Equipped with centralized inventory management system
  • Equipped with full accounting module

Listed below are some of the reasons why Cortex is one of the best:

  • Cortex provides solutions to help operations from multi-users. That is, being web-based, it helps as much users as required to be a part of the process from different locations.
  • Cortex is a Cloud Ready Solution and thus offers all the Cloud advantages
  • Cortex is highly advanced and a customizable EMR Solution.
  • Being efficient by its very nature, Cortex helps to reduce overall support costs.
  • Easier maintenance and free upgrades.
  • The systems integrated with Cortex are highly compact and this leads to improvement in productivity.
  • One click Insurance Eclaim Process to reduce the man power
  • This app offers a range of advanced and customizable EMR Solutions.
  • Integrated Solution for submission and resubmission of Insurance claims, thus the application ensure the claimed amount will receive without any loss

The Modules

Cortex comprises of various kinds of modules which act as the core principles of its approach and design.

Appointment Module

Doctors Appointment Management is an important part of Cortex. This centralized online calendar displays the availability of doctors on given days and fixes slots.

  • Schedules daily appointment list of patients
  • Displays the total information of patients
  • Racks / schedules appointments for doctors
  • Assigns fixed time slots to doctors
  • Sends reminders as SMS to patients (Customized Part)

Registration Module

This module is used for tracking the demography of patients and record their visit information. It helps a great deal in making the task of patient categorization more flexible and also enable quicker access to default registration information. This makes the whole registration task a lot more fast. The comprehensive registration module allows the registration desk to record Insurance and cash patients in separate. This will help insurance process on later stage with predefined calculations.

Nursing Module

Nursing Module is an important part of the Cortex Software and it deals with managing entire activity data and information about the nurses in the Clinics and Medical Centers. This module concentrates on capturing ROS, Vital signs of the patient and keep it centralized patient database for future reference.

Doctor Module

It is important in a Clinical management system that timely appointments are made for the right doctors and slots are assigned to them as per convenience. Cortex has a very good system in place for this in the doctor’s module. A Centralized dashboard system allows the doctors to login their desk for consulting and case entry for the patient. The Doctor desk allows the doctors to record all the previous and present symptoms and diagnosis details in a international systematic way (ICD Codes) . Based on the diagnosis of the doctor, the system allows the doctors to suggest procedures(CPT) and drug details according to the health ministry and international standards.

From the dashboard the assumptions of a doctor regarding a patient’s health state, medications advised, tests prescribed and all gets updated here as and when they happen. It helps a doctor to refer to a patient’s condition at a later stage also.

Billing and Cashier Module

The Billing module is perhaps one of the most crucial segments in any Clinical management system. Cortex has a very comprehensive billing module that allows data integration across various modules so as to track the patient’s bills centrally. It is equipped with the facility to permit bills to be raised as credit or cash. It allows for discounts to be given for each and every item and the concerned in-charge professional can trace the report of all the discounts at any time. The rates for the various services offered are managed and controlled through rate master, which is defined centrally. The billing module also deals with the calculation of co-pay and deductibles based on the patient’s insurance policies and possible claims.

Radiology Module

Radiology is one of the most commonly used departments in a hospital and involves a very complicated work flow. This department is in charge of storing and processing enormous amount of image data like X- rays, Scans etc. With Cortex, the entire tasks that this department handles has become much more simple and prompt. One of the major advantages of Cortex is that it offers an integrated patient registration system which results in quicker scheduling and billing. Then, it offers access to the earlier images and records of a patient which is necessary for prompt patient care. Also, Cortex automatically distributes the results to referring physicians, which leads to a lot of time-saving and increase efficiency.

Accounting module

Cortex is equipped with an Accounting Module that makes it much easier to generate reports. This module is linked with the Clinical billing module and it is easy to carry out online accounting of all revenue generated along with expenses incurred. The main advantage with this is that you need not enter the revenue entries as they are already fetched from the billing module. All applicable messages for the staff, salary/wages, consultant share and so on is available here. It can even provide department-wise income in a detailed way and also graphs with key reports.

Pharmacy Module

Cortex is loaded with a Pharmacy Module that helps a great deal in simplifying the drug dispensing process. This module maintains important drug details and caters to the requirements of both inpatients and outpatients with improved accuracy and speed. Cortex also maintains data relating to stock demand, maintenance and distribution. This module holds together various activities like drug enquiry, quotation, recommended dosage, alternate drug of the same composition and so on. It keeps a good track of the drug inventory and generates online requests for stock from sub-stores. It also facilitates online stock transfer, thereby automating the entire supply chain.

E-claim Submission and Resubmission Module

The e-claim module that is a part of Cortex helps the hospitals to prepare their e-claims’ submission to the concerned insurance companies and health authorities. This system is a completely automated one and also manages remittance advices and re-submissions. It ensures the automatic loading of relevant data from the billing software. It is instrumental in checking claims for missing information, the right procedure and diagnosis codes and payer-specific edits. These help in improving the possibilities for the acceptance of claims.

In-patient Management Module

Between the time-frame in which a doctor decides to admit a patient to a hospital and the discharging point, hundreds of activities occur. It is of crucial importance that a prompt system is in place to co-ordinate and make flawless, all these activities. The IP Management Module of Cortex does these jobs to clinical perfection. Through this module, a user can manage various activities like Registration, Admission, Discharge and Transfer (RADT) for a particular patient. From the point of registration to the point of discharge, it merges all the relevant data relating to a particular patient. It handles all the information relating to details like bed occupancy, ward management, estimation, agreement preparation, emergency admission, planned admission etc. The inpatient management system of Cortex maintains every bit of various comprehensive information and also automates and streamlines the otherwise complicated administrative process by providing enhanced care for patients through less human effort.

Department module

Every department or specialties in hospitals operate as separate segments and modules by themselves. They maintain individual records, patient details, treatment specific requirements, appointments and so on, so as to provide a patient with a more focused healthcare facility. Cortex has a separate Department Module to cater to the requirements of various departments related to a hospital like Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gynecology etc. This module addresses the needs of these departments individually and also make up a significant part of the entire hospital management system, playing a vital role in integrating the functioning of various departments.

Operation Theatre Management Module

The hospital operation theatre management system facilitated by Cortex helps in the maintenance of various data related to surgery like scheduling and apparatus arrangements such as organizing surgical instruments, medical equipment for anesthesia, etc. This system allows a user to post the advised surgeries for a particular patient. It facilitates posting multiple surgeries at one go with all necessary details like surgery date and time, OT number, OT charges, anesthesia type, anesthetist’s name, details of surgeon/assistant surgeon and so on. Cortex allows updating schedule for any selected patient as per requirement. This system also lets a user post expendable, pharmacy and implant details for billing and future reference. Returns of unused items during surgery can also be posted here.

Inventory Management Module

Cortex has an inbuilt inventory management module that offers a complete range of inventory management capabilities. This is specifically designed in order to improve the management of supply chain and delivers an end-to-end, procure-to-pay process. It helps a great deal in managing inventory levels and costs and meet fulfillment expectations better, thereby improving customer service. Cortex offers this as a powerful inventory management solution that helps you to oversee multiple locations, track stock limits and reorder products. It is a comprehensive solution trough which all of your materials relating to different areas of business and stages of the inventory life-cycle can be tracked in a single system. The advantage with Cortex is that through this accurate management and controlling of the whole process, it helps to substantially reduce your inventory levels and thereby increase profits.

Medical Laboratory Integration Module

In these times of high competition in the sector, it is essential for laboratories to work in an efficient and precise way, so as to enable faster management of various systems in a hospital. Cortex is equipped with a Medical Laboratory Integration segment as well. With Cortex, the advantage of speed is only obvious as the process of laboratory integration happens within it, as a part of the entire range of activities. This helps to deliver test results electronically, reliably, and efficiently, all in a timely and affordable manner to help the doctors to keep a close track of various investigation reports concerning a particular patient. It aids in integrating the data flow between various applications and devices and optimize your lab work-flow and operations. By automating the wide array of laboratory processes across the spectrum, from pre-analytical to analytical and post-analytical phases, Cortex optimizes work-flow, improves laboratory quality control and maximizes productivity.

Purchase Module

One of the most important aspects involved in running a hospital is to effectively manage the procurement activities. Right from needles to big machines, there are a broad spectrum of purchases that are necessary for the same. This is where the efficient Purchase Module in Cortex can be of great help. It helps to control the purchasing processes and efficiently manages the purchasing cycle times, so as to maximize profits on every purchase order. User-friendly processes are employed in order to convert efficient sourcing processes in to working purchase orders. This is of great help in controlling various non-payroll expenditures, thereby resulting in a more proper and positive asset management activity over the long run. Cortex assists you in efficaciously managing the huge sum of data that gets amassed in the system after the large number of purchases made by a hospital. Also, Cortex is instrumental in storing these approval documents for future reference. Every purchase, no matter how small or big, will be counted so that they can be used in the next sourcing cycle.

  • High quality and usability
  • Low maintenance & cost
  • Enables tracking, recording, retrieving, following and scheduling all patient visits

Advantage Cloud

Cortex is one of the few hospital management solutions that is entirely cloud ready. Whole of this application is accessible through browser-based services. The benefit with Cloud technology is that it takes away the burdens and IT headaches of Hospital Management systems such as server problems and crashes, empowering you with an easy access to the exact and relevant information.

The advantages with the Cloud model are many:

  • Up-to-minute information
  • Central controlling of rates
  • Quick and easy patient registration
  • Instantaneous profit and loss statement
  • Facility to log in any time and anywhere
  • Totally electronic medical records
  • Unique patient identification