Cortex Clinical Management Software- The Complete Solution for your Clinical needs..!

Cortex Clinical Management Software provides a user friendly way of EMR ,Eclaim process and other activities in Clinics & Medical Centers, by providing an application that could handle patients information and provide efficient healthcare service.

Why Cortex?

Cortex is one of the most cost-effective and technically perfect Clinical Management Systems in use today. Cortex Clinical Management Software is fully designed and developed for the rising needs in the health management sector, brought to life under the able and proficient guidance of experienced software engineers and dedicated health care professionals. Cortex Clinical Management Software holds within itself the passion and expertise of these professionals to apply highly successful strategies and provide affordable health care solutions.
Cortex Clinical Management Software is fully developed with the state of art Technology using JSP with one of the most secure and stable Frameworks Spring MVC and hibernate. With the advantage of being technically superior, customizable and highly user-friendly, Cortex Clinical Management System is developed to meet various activities related to the smooth functioning of clinics and medical centers.

cortex Clinical Management Software


Cortex Clinical Management System provides a user friendly way of Electronic medical records(EMR), ROS and Vital Signs, Prior approval process, Insurance process (E Claim Submission and Resubmission) and other activities in clinics and medical centers, by providing a system that could handle a systematic way of patient information and provide efficient health care service.

  • Equipped with a fully compatible pharmacy
  • Equipped with centralized inventory management system
  • Equipped with full accounting module

Some of the reasons why Cortex is one of the best:

  • Cortex provides solutions to help operations from multi-users. That is, being web-based, it helps as much users as required to be a part of the process from different locations.
  • Cortex is a Cloud Ready Solution and thus offers all the Cloud advantages
  • Cortex is highly advanced and a customizable EMR Solution.
  • Being efficient by its very nature, Cortex helps to reduce overall support costs.
  • Easier maintenance and free upgrades.
  • The systems integrated with Cortex are highly compact and this leads to improvement in productivity.
  • One click Insurance Eclaim Process to reduce the man power
  • This app offers a range of advanced and customizable EMR Solutions.
  • Integrated Solution for submission and resubmission of Insurance claims, thus the application ensure the claimed amount will receive without any loss

The Modules

Cortex Clinical management Software comprises of various kinds of modules which act as the core principles of its approach and design.

Appointment & Registration Management 

Appointment and Registration Management is an important part of Cortex Clinical Management System. The centralized online calendar displays the availability of doctors on given days and fixes slots and which allow the user to schedule the appointment in a flexible manner.

  • Schedules daily appointment list of patients
  • Displays the total information of patients
  • Assigns fixed time slots to doctors
  • Sends reminders as SMS to patients (Customized Part)

Registration Module

Registration Management allows the user to register a patient from the appointment management section in a single click. Registration management will help the user for record and track the demography of patients and their visit information. It helps a great deal in making the task of patient categorization more flexible and also enables quicker access to default registration information. This makes the whole registration task a lot faster. Within the module patient can be defined in different types of patients, nature of visits etc

Vital Signs & ROS Management

Vital Signs and ROS Management is an important part of the Cortex Clinical Management Software and it deals with the ROS and Vital Signs. This module allows the nurses to record the detailed vital signs and Review Of Systems of a patient. Advanced option to add new symptoms against ROS is also enabled in the system.

Doctor Module

It is important in a clinical management system that timely appointments are made for the right doctors and slots are assigned to them as per convenience. Cortex has a very good system in place for this in the doctor’s module. In this module, we can see which doctor is available for a particular day and schedule an appointment. Here, we can create, edit and update the duty plan of a doctor. Also, a doctor can be added or deleted to a particular department. The assumptions of a doctor regarding a patient’s health state, medications advised, tests prescribed and all gets updated here as and when they happen. It helps a doctor to refer to a patient’s condition at a later stage

Case Entry Management – Electronic Medical Records

Case entry management is an important and complicated module in a clinical management system and Cortex introduced the case entry management in a user friendly and systematic manner. Cortex Clinical Management system is following the 1997 E&M guidelines recording the patient data. Within this module Doctor has the options to enter complaints, physical examination, investigation, Diagnosis, prescription and procedure.  Doctor can view the patient’s history through case entry management module, which helps to have a perfect and complete consultation. Cortex Clinical Management Software has a very good system to handle Lab requests. If the patient has to undergo any lab test, the corresponding request can be initiated by Doctor

Billing and Cashier Module

The Billing module is perhaps one of the most crucial segments in any Clinical management system. Cortex has a very comprehensive billing module that allows data integration across various modules so as to track the patient’s bills centrally. It is equipped with the facility to permit bills to be raised as credit or cash. It allows for discounts to be given for each and every item and the concerned in-charge professional can trace the report of all the discounts at any time. The rates for the various services offered are managed and controlled through rate master, which is defined centrally. The billing module also deals with the calculation of co-pay and deductibles based on the patient’s insurance policies and possible claims.

Prior Approval System

Prior authorization, is one of the major problems facing in  hospitals/clinics  have when dealing with their insurance providers. Cortex Clinical Management Software has an inbuilt  prior authorization system, it helps the Clinicians for obtaining prior authorization from insurance providers to get approval for their patients. Cortex is a fully master based prior authorization application with international standards. Cortex will help the physicians and Pharmacist to get prior approval for their patients with proper procedure codes

Insurance – E Claim Submission and Resubmission

Cortex Clinical management software provides an advanced level of  Elcaim submission and resubmission process.  . This system is a completely automated one and also manages remittance advice and re-submissions. It ensures the automatic loading of relevant data after the consultation and payment.  Cortex introduces a new E-Claim system in which the XML transactions will happen at the back end. So any end user will be able to make it possible through Cortex.  Cortex ensures Claims are processed in a proper and systematic way and so as to reduce the rejection rate. Cortex Shows each claim status report Generation – including claim status/Reconciliation and all the error messages will be displayed in a user understandable way.

Salient features of E-Claim include

Centralized administration of Claims
Admin can schedule the claim process .
Admin can reassign an assigned claim to a different user.
Rejected Claims will be reassigned to the same user again.
Claim Submission & Re-Submission
Checks claims for missing information, valid procedure and activities.
Shows the amount settled on each claim
Re-Submission and Inserting Re-submission Comments
Rejected/ partially settled claims shows the denial code

Finance Management

Cortex Clinical Management System is equipped with an Accounting Module that makes it much easier to generate reports. This module is linked with the clinical billing module and it is easy to carry out online accounting of all revenue generated along with expenses incurred. The main advantage with Cortex Clinical Management System is that, you need not enter the revenue entries as they are already fetched from the billing module. All applicable messages for the staff, salary/wages, consultant share and so on is available here. It can even provide department-wise income in a detailed way and also graphs with key reports.

Pharmacy Management

Cortex Clinical Management System is loaded with a Pharmacy Management Module that helps a great deal in simplifying the drug dispensing process. This module maintains drug details and caters to the requirements with improved accuracy and speed. Cortex also maintains data relating to stock demand, maintenance and distribution. Cortex Pharmacy Management module includes Purchase, Sales, Reports, centralized Inventory and Pharmacy E Claim. It keeps a good track of the drug inventory and generates online requests for stock. It also facilitates online stock transfer, thereby automating the entire supply chain

Centralized inventory Management

Cortex has an inbuilt inventory management module that offers a complete range of inventory management capabilities. This is specifically designed in order to improve the management of supply chain and delivers an end-to-end, procure-to-pay process. It helps a great deal in managing inventory levels and costs and meet fulfillment expectations better, thereby improving customer service.Cortex offers this as a powerful inventory management solution that helps you to oversee multiple locations, track stock limits and reorder products. It is a comprehensive solution trough which all of your materials relating to different areas of business and stages of the inventory life-cycle can be tracked in a single system.

Centralized inventory Management- Advantage

The advantage with Cortex Clinical Management System is that through this accurate management and controlling of the whole process, it helps to substantially reduce your inventory levels and thereby increase profits.
Our inventory management system provides:
• Fast transactions
• Improves accuracy of Inventory
• Increases efficiency and productivity
• Centralized system will keep your inventory up to date
• Time Saving and cost cutting system

Report Management

Cortex Clinical Management Software has an advanced Report is a collective data displayed in a pdf as well as in the Excel format, according to our search criteria. Cortex generates different reports in link with the modules available. Major Reports to consider include the following,
• Appointment Report
• Registration Reports
• Electronic Medical Record
• Assessment Sheet
• Inventory Reports
• Financial Reports
• Collection Reports
• Insurance Claim Reports
• Lab Test Related Reports
• Patients Reports
• Billing & Cashing Reports

Administrative Management & Electronic Medical Record

Administration Management Module is responsible for the performance or management of administrative business operations. In the Cortex Clinical management Software has a strong and perfect Administrative Management Module.

Cortex Clinical management Software keeps high-quality Electronic Medical Records for each patient to maintain and manage their health information. EMR provides patients full and accurate information about all of their medical evaluations. The patient details can be retrieved at any time when it is required.

  • High quality and usability
  • Low maintenance & cost
  • Enables tracking, recording, retrieving, following and scheduling all patient visits

Advantage Cloud

Cortex Clinical Management Software is one of the few clinical management software that is entirely cloud ready. Whole of this application is accessible through browser-based services. The benefit with Cloud technology is that it takes away the burdens and IT headaches of Hospital Management systems such as server problems and crashes, empowering you with an easy access to the exact and relevant information.

The advantages with the Cloud model are many:

  • Up-to-minute information
  • Central controlling of rates
  • Quick and easy patient registration
  • Instantaneous profit and loss statement
  • Facility to log in any time and anywhere
  • Totally electronic medical records
  • Unique patient identification