Medical Insurance Coding

Medical insurance coding refers to the task of coding a patient’s diagnosis along with requests for sufficient payments from the patient’s insurance company. The practitioners of medical insurance coding are healthcare professionals by themselves and are in charge of processing a patient’s data including treatment records and insurance information.

When a patient undergoes a particular medical examination or procedure, the medical office works with the patient and his/her insurance company for claims. Claims are submitted and followed up so as to to receive payment for the services that the health care provider offered. This process involves learning certain codes that represent symptoms, medications and diagnoses. A thorough knowledge on these codes are necessary in order to process a claim properly. This is exactly the task that is vested upon a medical insurance coder.

In today’s scenario, there is a serious shortage of skilled medical coders who can perform these tasks to perfection. Many healthcare providers such as hospitals rely on part-time staff or other staff members for getting these tasks done. This often results in poor performances and increased costs. At Safecare, we have a fully-equipped team of skilled and certified medical insurance coders who can take up tasks of all magnitudes and scope.

Performing remote coding services for a number of hospitals based in the UAE, Safecare has expertise in both inpatient and outpatient settings across most specialties. Be it the needs of a single chart type or the entire volume of a hospital, any of your requirements can be met by us with precision.

This makes us one of the most trusted specialists to outsource these tasks with.